Super Waterproof Tape

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An Instant Seal Against Water, Air Or Dust & Remain Permanently Soft! 

Super Waterproof Tape is a very sticky tape, which is suitable for repairing various leaks. It's Extremely Simple and Convenient to use. Great way to Save your time and money.

Super Waterproof - It can be used to repair leaks in pipes, roofs, pools, fuel tanks... It is suitable for various liquids  including freshwater, seawater, rainwater, gasoline, diesel...

Super Sticky - Made of high polymer synthetic butyl rubber, with extremely strong adhesion, suitable for various surfaces.

Resistant to High Pressure - our QA tests revealed that it can effectively resist the pressure of 3bar.

High & Low temperature Resistance - it's capable of withstanding up to 120 degrees Celsius and maintaining viscosity at low temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius. 

So Easy to Use! Just Cut, Peel, Stick & Seal!

Flame Retardant, Fire-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, UV- resistant.

Pure aluminum surface - can effectively flame retardant and anti-corrosion,  the smooth pure aluminum film has better sun protection and cooling effect.   

Environmentally Friendly & Degradable - the main ingredient is synthesized from natural rubber, which can be degraded by microorganisms in the natural environment and has no pollution to the environment.

How To Use: