Multifunctional Touch Screen Riding Bag

$21.65 $43.30

Stop worrying about the inconvenience of riding and navigation, and the difficulty of carrying items 

Now you can use our multifunctional Touch Screen Riding Bag to solve these problems all at once.

Multifunctional riding bag
  • Sensitive and transparent touch screen - it's TPU touch screen is easy to use and responds immediately to touch. Now you can easily use maps to find your way when cycling!

best bike bag
  • Works For Any Weather - premium quality design, polyester and TPU material is waterproof to provide maximum strength and durability for log-lasting usage and high speeds.
  • Safely carry your all items and phone while cycling, biking, running or walking - it's well designed 3.5L space would fit all the necessary items such as a smartphone, bike repair tools, wallet, power bank, torch, water bottle, keys, glasses, lighters and more, so you will no longer need to take a rucksack again!

best bike bag
  • Easy to install and can be used as a shoulder bag - wherever you go this bag could go with you! It's 3 magic stickers make installation easy and fast.

  • Easy to install and remove, and works with all bikes and motorcycles - now you can use this bag with all vehicles. Installation process is easy and fast. You can reinstall and use on various vehicles easily.

  • Never lose any item again - we focus on premium design and durability to ensure safety and comfort.
  • Lasts For Years and is Easy to Clean