Original Fixpro Non-Toxic Wall Repair Cream [free scraper]

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Easily & Safely Fix Any Damages on Your Wall, Ceiling & More!

Instantly fix dings, dents, cracks, holes and deep scratches on your walls, trim, ceiling and doors in a flash. Our DIY Waterproof Fixpro cream creates a quick-drying patch hard enough to hold a nail or a screw. The mending will be virtually invisible while giving you professional-looking results, made of 100% non-toxic material making your home environment safe and toxin-free.

✔️100% Safe & Non-toxic - Fixpro uses water as the basic ingredient, does not contain harmful substances, is non-corrosive, very environmentally friendly, and protects the health of your family, pets and environment. White paste state, no dust pollution. With hand-held design, small and portable, very suitable for household handyman's toolboxes. You can squeeze it directly from the package, with an additional scraper and nozzle included it can be easily applied, and keep your hands clean!

✔️Waterproof & Mildew Proof -  Fixpro will easily solve most wall damage problems in homes, schools and offices. Perfect for repairing Nails Hole on wall, Wall Cracks, Peeling, Graffiti, Stains and Scraping. Fixpro has high density and good water resistance, which will effectively fill and cover the cracks and stains in the wall and prevent the leakage of liquid substances. It also prevents mildew, anti-alkali and cracking on the wall for a long time.


✔️Fast Drying & Durable - Fixpro is a delicate paste with strong viscosity, fast drying and crack resistance. Easy to apply, repair and seal, can quickly fill holes and cracks in the wall, thanks to the universal wall repair cream with amazing effect, you can patch any holes and graffiti on the wall! With high polymer active formula, the formed patch is strong and will not fall off, and the effect is long-lasting, providing professional, tough and durable repair.

✔️Save money - You will only need to buy Fixpro to repair the headache-damaged walls in your home, saving on huge renovation costs! No specialized skills required & absolutely no mess.

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