Wave curler

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Get perfect curls

Triple barrel iron creates S-shaped curls on all hair lengths and heats up in 60 seconds for fast, easy styling.

Temperature Control

Programmed with an adjustable temperature from 80 to 220 °C depending on your hair type.
Get glamorous curls like after a day at the beach.

Advice of use :

Before starting, apply a heat protection spray, and spray it all over the hair.

  •  1. Taking small strands of hair one by one, pinch the hair near the root (depending on where you want the curls to start).
  •  2. Hold for up to 10 seconds depending on where you want the curls to start, then release.
  •  3. Position the waving iron lower on the same strand of hair and pinch until the strand is wavy. (For a casual, more modern look, do not curl the ends).
  •  4. Repeat the process through hair until you have a wavy, tousled texture.

Specifics :

  • Three barrel curling iron Ceramic coated barrels
  • All hair lengths and types
  • Creates S-shaped loops
  • Adjustable temperature from 80 to 220 °C
  • Heats up in 60 seconds